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Compulocks Security Mount Enclosure for Mac mini includes Security Cable

$49.00 $49.00

The Security Mac Mini Lock / Mac Mini Mount from Compulocks, is the best option for securing your new Mac Mini. Our Mac Mini Mount is made from 100% Solid high grade aluminum construction and makes for a great security solution. The brushed aluminum compliments the esthetic and stylish design of the Mac Mini.

It doesn't get much easier when looking to securely mount your new mac mini. The Mac Mini Lock and Mount allows you to fix the security bracket to any flat surface with the standard 75 or 100 VESA mount holes. You can safely screw the mount to a wall, desk, underside of a table, cabinet and even the back of a monitor.

Once the bracket is secured all you need to do is slide your Mac Mini into the secured mount, align the cables with the patented cable trap and attach the lock.

With the Compulocks Mac Mini Mount you don’t need to sacrifice form over function, our ventilated design protects your device against overheating and Wi-Fi signal loss and gives you total access to the power button, USB, HDMI & Ethernet ports to ensure a complete user experience.

For an added level of security and mobility you can add one of Compulocks Security Cable Locks to your order. This option allows you to secure your Mac Mini mount without having to deal with any screws or tools. The loop-ended security cable is made of galvanized steel and the cable can be looped around a stationary object.


Condition:  Brand New