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Sutter Signs

Entry Forms for Raffles, Drawings, Contests | 100 Folding Cards Per Pack by Sutter Signs

  • Durable | Sturdy, thick card is stronger than normal paper - many entry form pads for drawings are made of thin, easily torn paper.
  • Foldable | Your information is concealed for privacy - most entry forms for raffles have personal information easily visible
  • Encourages Random Selection | Your information isn’t visible from the outside, ensuring a truly random raffle selection
  • Versatile | Use these entry forms for raffles, contests, events, and more!

The Sutter Signs Raffle Entry Form is the strong, foldable entry card your raffle needs! Keep your raffle entrants’ privacy with a design that hides their information. This entry form for raffles is versatile and sure to encourage random selection! Authentic Sutter Signs Products are sold exclusively by Maxton & Company

Condition: Brand New