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Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave Vacuum Odor Eliminating & Deodorizer Beads, 5.25 oz. (Pack of 2)



  • Fresh Wave vacuum odor eliminating & deodorizer beads remove vacuum odors with natural ingredients. A natural air freshener that gets rid of odors in both bagged and bagless vacuums.
  • A non-toxic way to eliminate odor—safe for people, pets, and the planet. Fresh Wave's vacuum deodorizer uses no harsh chemicals, no masking fragrances, & no harmful ingredients. Manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana.
  • Fresh Wave scent tablet beads get rid of exhaust odors while you're vacuuming and keep your vacuum fresh between uses.
  • Uses natural odor absorbing ingredients to safely target tough smells at their source, neutralizing them at the molecular level.
  • Fresh Wave's plant-based ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. The vacuum beads naturally smell like these plants, but that scent will vanish as the beads' odor-removing agents disperse into the air, leaving your vacuum and your home simply smelling clean and fresh.

Traditional air care products use harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes to cover up odors. Once the scents wear off, bad smells come back! Make the switch from harmful air fresheners with their volatile organic compounds, and open the door to Fresh Wave. 

Instead of masking odors with fake fragrances, Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads actually eliminate the odors, leaving you with a fresh home and fresh air.

Bad odors are exhausting and cleaning the carpet shouldn't result in polluting your fresh air. With Fresh Wave's odor eliminating beads, you can prevent vacuum exhaust odors from making your home smell every time you run the sweeper. Fresh Wave's vacuum odor deodorizer offers a natural option for a common household struggle. The air freshener scent beads use the power of natural plant oils to remove odors completely, neutralizing them at the molecular level. They also keep your vacuum smelling fresh between uses!

To get started, toss a cap full of vacuum beads directly into your vacuum bag. If you've got a bagless vacuum, simply put the beads into the dust collecting compartment. Once you flip the switch, the airflow in your vacuum activates the beads' odor removing properties.

Replace the beads monthly or as often as needed when you begin to notice exhaust odors again. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use. One bottle lasts for 10 to 14 uses.

Condition: Brand New