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magicJack EXPRESS Digital Phone Service, Includes 3 months of service



  • No Monthly Bills, because magicJack is using VOIP or the Internet for the phone calls, there are no phone companies involved and you can save money instantly by using the magicJack
  • Free phone calls and all the benefits of a regular phone service: Free Caller ID, Free Voice Mail, Free Call Forwarding and Free Call waiting, for your first 3 months and a flexible lo yearly rate options thereafter
  • Simple Set Up: use your High Speed Internet service, the magicJack has everything you need to set it up in minutes with a regular phone; you don’t need PC; or you can choose use your PC or both
  • Start making unlimited local & long distance calls to the US and Canada for less than $3/month and there’s NO Monthly bills; simply plug into your high speed internet and any landline phone
  • You can even a get phone number, plus, make low international calls or free international calls via magicJack to magicJack and take it on international trips for free calls back to the US or Canada

magicJack is a home, business and on-the-go digital phone service that allows you to make unlimited local & long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada for less than $3/month. Setup is easy. There's no monthly bills. Simply plug in your high speed Internet and any landline phone. Make FREE unlimited magicJack-to-magicJack calls worldwide. When traveling internationally, bring magicJack with you to make free calls back to the U.S. and Canada from virtually anywhere in the world. Call outbound worldwide from the U.S. and Canada and enjoy magicJack's low international rates. View rates on Features include: • Free Voicemail • Free Conference Calling • Free Directory Assistance • Free Phone Number • Free Call Forwarding • Free Call Waiting • Free Caller ID • 911 Emergency Available Setup in only a few minutes. Simply plug in high speed internet via your internet router. magicJack is compatible with any cordless or landline phone. With the free magicApp companion you can make/receive calls on-the-go so you never miss a call again. Assign your magicJack device number to the magicApp and have your home, business and magicApp (on your smartphone) ring simultaneously. Download the magicApp today! Available in the App Store in iTunes and Google Play.

Condition: Brand New